Manufacture and sale of TOPecoTM profiles and products
  • Fences and fencings, sliding gates, balconies, handrails

    Solid, plastic plates with arc at both ends, can be adjusted, cut according to the requirement, the plain or flat plates with a chamfer at the edges, narrow and wide tongue-and- grooves

  • Benches and picnic tables, garden furniture

    Plastic, massive bench with backrest, classic all-plastic benches 2 + 2 of plates, benches without backrest, sets of two benches and desks

  • Flowerpots round, square, rectangular, large

    Very durable, round, plastic flower pot, diameter 67 cm. Square, adapted to the measure 50x50 cm, 100x100 cm, large pots 10x5m for demarcation of the space with seating. Different color combinations.

  • Bins, composters, channel covers, inlets

    Simple waste bins, made from recycled plates in various colors, square and hexagonal. Composters small 1m3, channel covers with reinforcement, solid, impermeable to the wells.

  • Plastic terrace slabs, amphitheatres, sidewalls

    Terrace, anti-skid slabs, slabs 2x2m, slabs to seat in the amphitheaters, slabs for benches, tongue-and- grooves for cushions

  • Sandboxes, classical beams, trains, children elements into the exterior

    Sandboxes rectangular, square 2.5 x 2.5 m, beams for seating, children's train, benches for sitting around a tree, sandbox lining by colored plates, reconstructions - replacement of old wooden planks with plastic ones.


Joint Stock Company TOPlast, Inc. Košice was founded in 2002. It deals with the recovery of the technology plastics through recycling and the manufacturing of the TOPeco, recycled plastic for universal use. To produce this material, the company TOPlast, Inc. makes use of a modern German technology, producing these products for more than 40 years and distributes them in the domestic and world market. This modern technology enables production of homogeneous products from technology plastics (PE, PP, ABS, PS, and others).

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Certificates and reports

Certificate issued by the VÚSAPL, Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing hereby certify compliance of this type of product with specifications. The certificate of registration of the trademark TOPeco, 100% recyclable material and all products made from them. The test report, issued by the Technical and Test Institute for Construction n.o., specifies the strength of the material in various thicknesses. Certified workplaces of the TUKE-Technical University of Kosice were involved in further testing of our products and profiles in various shapes and sizes.

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The TOPeco material

TOPecoTM is a trademark TRADE MARK, issued by the Industrial Property Office, which allows us to use this trademark only for our products. Its application is appropriate wherever a wood is rotting, metal eroding and concrete cracking. It is sturdy and strong and can withstand all weather conditions. Through its finishing is very similar to wood, the cutting and joining materials are the same as in the processing of wood. In case of increased demands as to the mechanical properties, the TOPlast, Inc. has the semi-products to supply, reinforced by metal profiles and metal pipes of different diameters and thicknesses.

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100% recyclable

All goods and products, profiles of plates, prisms and palisades are TOPeco material that is fully recyclable. The philosophy of "Green because you can" or "approach to the environment seriously and without unnecessarily burdening“ is close to us, so through the plastics recycling - recovery, we contribute to a clean environment. The input materials are so-called technology plastics from the companies involved in the production of various plastic products.

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