Manufacture and sale of TOPecoTM profiles and products


Joint Stock Company TOPlast, Inc. Košice was founded in 2002. It deals with the recovery of the technology plastics through recycling and the manufacturing of the TOPeco, recycled plastic for universal use. To produce this material, the company TOPlast, Inc. makes use of a modern German technology, producing these products for more than 40 years and distributes them in the domestic and world market. This modern technology enables production of homogeneous products from technology plastics (PE, PP, ABS, PS, and others). Production of more than 25 solid plastic profiles (plate, prism, and palisade) greatly extends range of the semi-manufactured products and more than 100 kinds of the finished products. Every year, we expand the portfolio of offered products which include wood products, possibly in combination with metal. Large inventory of each product and profile enable us to react flexibly to market requirements. The company owns certificates issued by VÚSAPL, TOPeco trademark - TM trade mark, a number of test protocols, tests of different methods in collaboration with non-profit organizations, schools focusing on accurate and relevant testing, TUKE - Technical University of Kosice, RIS, environmental organizations and web portals. The company is dedicated to creating student theses and projects, excursions in the production processes, attended by the elementary schools, the vocational high schools of the TUKE, focusing on the environmental aspect of education, we take part in professional conferences of the EuPC European Plastics Conventers, Brussel and we spread by this approach to education of ours, the idea of the need to recycle. The production technology is waste-free, all waste generated in the production is again recycled.