Manufacture and sale of TOPecoTM profiles and products


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More than 2500 of implementation with sites in 400 towns and villages represent our satisfied customers yearly, including 200 schools, 200 construction companies, 200 organizations, communities, public services, projects and finally individuals.

Sales and implementation take place in the whole territory of the Slovak Republic, inclusive import to you.

EU countries are also among our outlets and they are our priority for the future. Today we export the benches all over England, in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Isle of Man, and many other places. Hungary, Czech Republic and other countries are our destination where we are able to reside and where we already have dealerships for our customers.

RECEIVED FEEDBACKS: (02a, L-bench) eBay

- Great item well worth the money, really great want to buty one now for the front of my house so will be back than

- Great product at a reasonable price, Good Communications, great item, many thanks, really happy, bench is great, everyone has commeneted on it - v heavy though! A+

- Goods as described, value for money, Quick Delivery. A+++++

- Really solid bench. Thanks, Goods as described, value for money, Quick Delivery. A+++++

- Fantastic item and service - Excellent item


Some of our customers include:

  • municipalities
    (L-type benches, plastic benches, replacement of wooden boards on the bench with plastic ones, profile D-120x50- 2200 and D-130x35-2000, customized, various variants of boards for sitting 2 + 2, 3 + 2, 3 + 1 with reinforcement, flower pots, children's sandboxes, garden furniture, picnic tables, composting devices, channel drains, pots and other)

    - more than 400 cities and towns
    - City of BRATISLAVA, plates on benches, L-type benches, child elements
    - City of KOSICE
    - City of PRIEVIDZA 300 pcs of L-type benches, sandboxes, replacement of the wooden boards with the green plastic ones - with reinforcements, made-to-measure
    - City of BUDAPEST benches, flowerpots
  • ITALY, Tarvisio, Rimini
  • CZECH Republic, Praque 4,5,
  • HUNGARY, Budapest
  • UNITED KINGDOM, Manchester, Essex, London, Lancashire, Isle of MAN, Scotland, Ireland

  • individual customers, the owners of houses, gardeners
    (plates for fences and fencing, garden and outdoor furniture, patio slabs and plates, reinforcing of slopes by palisades P-160-2500, pergolas, composting devices...)

    throughout Slovakia, fence plates profile D-100x25-2000 (w x h x l) made-to-measure, D-130x30-2000 for sliding gates, D-120x40-2200 terrace slabs

  • industrial plants of all kinds
    (terrace slabs to water reservoirs D-120x40-2200, base material underneath technological devices, columns P-60-2500, floor to railway cars)

    TEHO - Thermal management
    TEKO - Heat Košice
    NDS - National Highway Company, ZSR - Slovak Railways
    USS - U.S.Steel Košice
    VVS - Water company
    EMERSON - Brno, Czech Republic, KWESTO Prague, Hungary - Gyor, Budapest

  • transport and construction companies
    ROPO Prešov
    OSVO Prešov
    HS HSV Košice, RENE Insulation, EUROVIA VINCI, RIASTAV and many more

  • municipal economy
    (playgrounds, benches, equipment for parks ...)

  • agriculture and orcharding
    (supports for orchards and vineyards, farm fences, snow guards, floors of farm buildings)
  • non-profit organizations, foundations, churches, homes for the elderly, social houses, that we encourage by more favorable prices