Manufacture and sale of TOPecoTM profiles and products

11. Terrace slabs and floors

Profile No. 19, mentioned in the price list of profiles D-120x40-2200 (w x h x l) in mm is used as an anti-skid plate, suitable for the floor, terrace, or even directly on the old concrete staircase. Modern, anti-slip profile plate has a length up to 220 cm and if anchored by the prism H-70x50-2000, a floor area of ​​4.4 square meters can be manufactured that is sufficient for installation of two benches and a table. Easily and inexpensively we can prepare a ready-made floor to complete our gardens, terraces, sittings without costly building modifications, excavation works. If used on a grassy surface, just a fabric against grass-overgrowth is put under floor and it can be immediately used. Straight profile creates a smooth surface, no. 06, D-130x30-2000 is also elegant and easy to install, or the tongue- and-groove with the width of 11 cm after inserting "into each other" forms a flat floor or surface, e.g. the top-sheet of the table. Plates are produced and sold by piece. We also produce the finished plates with dimensions, for example 110 x 60 cm, perfectly fit for walked plates - platforms, or in the dimensions "made-to-mesure", in a variety of colors and lengths.