Manufacture and sale of TOPecoTM profiles and products

price list

Price list of plastic profiles contains all 25 profiles in order of numbers (beams, plates and palisades), which the company TOPlast, a.s. manufactures and sells.

Price list of finished products contains more than 100 assembled articles, sorted out by sections in the final-assembled state (benches, flower pots, garbage bins, composting devices, etc.).

Prices are shown exclusive of VAT and with VAT 20%.

For special orders, or orders to customer requirements, e.g. RAL tone, there is a supplementary charge of 15%, in the manufacture of wooden profiles is the price lower by 15%. Wood is an alternative to the production program. All the products can be prepared in wood famishment either. Wooden boards and products are properly treated.

Working or cutting of the material 3% of the total price.

Prices are updated constantly depending on the implementation of new products and services.

Quantity discounts depend on the type of product or profile of panel.

With a large-waste cutting, we offer to customers a discount on the total price of 10%.

see "Product Catalog" see "Prices of profiles" see "Pricelist of finished products"