Manufacture and sale of TOPecoTM profiles and products


Installation of the TOPeco material, namely full plastic profile is very similar to installation of wood.

Cutting material and fasteners are used exactly the same as when working with wood.

If plastic plates on fences and fencings (e.g. profile D-100x25-2000) are installed, we recommend using e.g. capstan screws - with ornamental mushroom top, size 5 or 6 for a finished or ordinary nut – in case the iron Jäkel. Of course the customer, according to his own taste, can choose his own profile fasteners with different diameters and lengths, e.g. tex-self-cutting fastener for iron, used for PZ2 or hex. There are many possibilities depending on taste, and the customer experience. We recommend a two-meter fence plate would be anchored in three places, a one-meter one in two. Plastic is a material which under the summer temperatures tend to swell, in the winter vice versa, so the correct installation is very important. For example, if pre-drilling is used, it is better to use a 5.2 mm drill bit for screws with diameter 5 mm because of the plate dilatation.

For the bench plates (D-120x50-2200) is used essentially the same material as for the plastic plates for fences, just with a larger diameter, for example, an 8 winch screw on benches with concrete construction, or two 5 ones on one side of the plate. The plates can be reinforced – by a 20/5 iron strip, which will resist even greater burden. A common example is the bench, the plate of which is 180 cm long and the distance of support legs is approximately 150 cm, where the use of reinforcement in length of 155 cm, especially for municipality is necessity.

For other materials, to enhance their strength, threaded rods and anchors are used, representing necessary joinery aids as well, to reinforce and anchor products.

In case of doubt with your installation, please contact us, we will help you.