Manufacture and sale of TOPecoTM profiles and products

Certificates and reports

Certificate issued by the VÚSAPL, Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing hereby certify compliance of this type of product with specifications. The certificate of registration of the trademark TOPeco, 100% recyclable material and all products made from them. The test report, issued by the Technical and Test Institute for Construction n.o., specifies the strength of the material in various thicknesses. Certified workplaces of the TUKE-Technical University of Kosice were involved in further testing of our products and profiles in various shapes and sizes. The company possesses certificates issued by the VÚSAPL, TOPeco trademark - TM trade mark, a number of test reports, tests of different methods in collaboration with non-profit organizations, schools focusing on accurate and relevant testing, TUKE Technical University of Kosice, RIS, environmental organizations and web portals. The company is dedicated to students creating theses and projects, excursions in the production process were attended by elementary schools, vocational high schools of the TUKE, focusing on the environmental aspect of education, we participate in professional conferences of the EuPC European Plastics Conventers, Brussel and we spread by that approach of ours to education the idea of need to recycle. The production technology is waste-free, all waste generated in the production are again recycled.

Knowledge provided in student excursions, directly in our operations, helps improve plastic recycling sector and implement outputs directly in practice. Company TOPlast, Inc. provided several lectures for preschools, elementary schools, high schools up to professional scientists, engaged in the ECO- EKO and enviro issues.

Several types of such tests such as Sharpy method tell about our efforts to improve the product quality. and contribute in this way to customer satisfaction. These tests are also a great benefit for the students and their teachers in understanding these chemical compounds and physical parameters. Through our activity, we offer the premises of our company as a teaching tool in the development of knowledge. We are also the owner of the thanking certificate of the school children whom we are trying to meet, and as a proof, we have processed several thousand kilograms of plastic caps from plastic bottles and compensated them by our products.

The certificate issued by the Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing of the Slovak Republic confirmed the consistency of properties of this type of product with technical requirements. The certificate of registration of the mark for 100% recycled TOPeco material. Plate, prism, palisade and all products made from them. Test report on strength of the product, issued by the Technical and Test Institute for Construction, n.o.
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