Manufacture and sale of TOPecoTM profiles and products

100% recyclable

All goods and products, profiles of plates, prisms and palisades are TOPeco material that is fully recyclable. The philosophy of "Green because you can" or "approach to the environment seriously and without unnecessarily burdening“ is close to us, so through the plastics recycling - recovery, we contribute to a clean environment. The input materials are so-called technology plastics from the companies involved in the production of various plastic products. In the production, there are so-called streams, moldings, cakes and other surplus materials that we use and process further on. Every year, we process approximately 200 000 kilograms of plastics. The excess material was often a burden for the companies, and as such, placed in landfills or incinerators. Thermo-valorization/combustion process is environmentally more onerous than recycling. Therefore, this material is reprocessed-recycled- valorized, we give it so the "second life". In doing so, we give it a wide application and it can be useful to us humans for many years. Often our customers describe our work with enthusiasm and surprise. Therefore, we are pleased that number of customers is increasing every year and we have an incentive to improve further our business. Thank you!